iceberg ‹the maker›

iceberg ‹the maker›


Food is a notable subject. Food design inevitably follows our constantly changing lifestyles. Aperitivo is no longer a simple pre-dinner drink, but it has become an unmissable relaxing moment to share with other people. With iceberg ‹the maker› cocktails get a new look and are then appreciated more than ever. Bellini cocktail, one of the most famous Italian ones, for example, becomes a peach iceberg drifting in Prosecco wine.

iceberg ‹the maker› is made from a thin PETG thermoformed coil. An inexpensive technology, generally used to pack things (blistering), is used here to shape a smart, light and cheap object. Reasonably we can say “packaging” is the only cost of production. It’s totally recyclable and it’s supposed to be a product with a low life-cycle. The ribs give the stylized iceberg its specific endearing shape and the right rigidity to stack the filled trays in the freezer. A simple thermoformed sheet becomes a food design operation and even a good instrument of business communication. iceberg ‹the maker› not only makes icebergs, it makes everyone smile. We never forget what we feel: this simple frozen fruit puree involves at the same time sight, taste and smell. The drifting iceberg can be eaten as an icicle or, if you can wait, it can be sipped as it melts and its peach flavour fills the air. Once you have finished your drink you can keep the fire stamped wooden stick with the brand or different messages.

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  • second prize, Premio Convivium Design, Wine & the City (NA)



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