iceberg ‹the maker›

iceberg ‹the maker›


Climate is changing. We are all responsible for the global warming, but not really affected or worried about it, we are still enjoying our everyday life as if nothing was happening. Our planet is beautiful, but could we keep saying that forever? Pretty hard if we don’t change our attitude. Probably none of us has ever seen an iceberg. Certainly none of us has ever seen a melting iceberg. So, who care if they are fading? Are we joking?! That’s our planet, that’s our environment. Do we really think that doesn’t concern us only because we live in a big city and the only thing that matters is getting through the day?
iceberg ‹the maker› wants to replace icebergs. Not real ones unfortunately, but tiny and edgy icebergs to make everyone smile and change people’s mind. Icicles and aperitivo will be the right tools to train kids and adults on environmental education.
A peach iceberg is now drifting in your glass and its spreading flavour is making Prosecco wine more exciting little by little. Your Bellini cocktail, or we should say, your Bellini conscious cocktail, fulfills at the same time sight, taste and smell. Peaches, strawberries or whatever, every cocktail becomes conscious with the drifting iceberg. What else? It’s time to act. Let’s make the most of this pleased moment. Now you can finally see a melting iceberg, and that’s not all. A simple thermoformed plastic sheet becomes not only a mould to make icicles, but also a food design operation and even a way to empower consumers. Icebergs turn into funny and strong communication tools: while ice melts down the fire stamped wooden stick reveals every time a different message. Collect them all!

iceberg ‹the maker› is now a prototype made from a thin PETG thermoformed coil. An inexpensive technology, generally employed in the packaging field (blistering), shapes here a smart, light and cheap object. Packaging doesn’t always mean waste. The same material and the same technology generally employed to pack items for sale are here used to prototype this funny object and get a radically different result. Packaging protects goods from damages but doesn’t protect our most important thing: planet earth. iceberg ‹the maker› and the little melting icebergs, with their communicative wooden sticks, would like to make consumers more conscious and responsible for the global warming.
The many edges give the stylized icebergs their specific endearing shape and the right rigidity. Trays, once filled, can be stacked in the freezer. Dents on the upper surface provide a perfect joint and allow to build high towers with many floors.
iceberg ‹the maker› works very well and it’s totally recyclable, but it’s still a prototype with a low life-cycle, only to test its functionality. So far it has been used several times with great results. Many samples are ready and many others can be quickly manufactured with the mould just employed. Icebergs could drift in the glasses of your next event. Don’t miss this opportunity! Anyway it’s now time to work on the next step: making it a washable and reusable version, obviously in recycled/recyclable plastic to obtain a longer life-cycle product.

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  • second prize, Premio Convivium Design, Wine & the City (NA)



icebergs making

not only messages fire stamped on the wooden sticks, but brands and business cards as well

not only messages fire stamped on the wooden sticks, but brands and business cards as well